Agape is the love God intended for His children and certainly you could see small signs of that kind of love in Ryan and Nadya’s wedding.

Her house was full of joy and expectation. She did not stop smiling. You know you are in for something special  when the mother of the bride tells you about the adventures of her daughter as you are placing her bouquet over the the very same plant she used to play as a kid.
Ryan and Nadya  got married and they knew what they were doing. Any person could tell there was something spiritual going on; the smiles on their faces, Nadya’s voice as it lifted in praise, their hands touching during some parts of the ceremony…
The church decoration was simple yet beautiful. She walked down the aisle and with each step she visited some special moments of their relationship. The pictures hanging through the hall told a unique story. Ryan’s gaze guided her to his arms.
There were prayers, praise songs, jokes and many, many hugs. They made promises to each other and later, in private, they told some secrets to God.
The celebration was perfect. Can you imagine a room that celebrates your story with every little detail? The cookies in the candy bar talked about the distance between their countries, the cake secretly spoke about the very moment they started their lives as a couple and the details on each wine glass were saying a lot about a whole family working together. It was just perfect.
Nadya and Ryan started their lives together as husband and wife and their families and friends celebrated their love with all the excitement Caribbean music can give.

Heidy Norel

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